Icon Explorations Inc.

According to Deloitte Touche:

"The Canadian cannabis industry is projected to reach over C$22B in annual revenue by 2020."



Our primary objective is to create a well diversified company that will produce long-term returns for its shareholders and investors. Our current focus is on the Cannabis Industry. In this burgeoning industry we intend on being a leading purveyor of medicinal and recreational cannabis, while providing the most comprehensive and customer-centric user experience. Our aim is to bring superior grade cannabis products to the world while helping to create a culture, whereby the entire plant and the multitude of experiential and healing modalities it offers are made readily available and responsibly regulated.

meetING Health Canada’s standards

Once Icon has completed due diligence and identified an attractive medical marijuana asset we will maintain the utmost diligence in compliance efforts while cultivating high-quality strains that meet Health Canada’s most stringent standards, enabling us to build value into our business and its subsidiaries. Once Icon has acquired a medical marijuana asset Icon intends on curating the cannabis experience for the recreational market consumer, helping them navigate through the right path towards optimum health and wellness. In addition Icon will provide the guidance that established and new retailers need to responsibly integrate cannabis into businesses, thus de-risking the process and increasing consumer confidence.

bring modernization

Once Icon has acquired a medical marijuana asset Icon would like to use this burgeoning market as a platform to bring modernization to other verticals, specifically with regards to cannabis derivatives and extracts (edibles, tinctures, capsules, oils etc…). Finally we will create a company that will be able to resist market fluctuations, through the use of advanced building materials and lighting to minimize operational costs as undoubted challenges may arise with a new industry.

Icon would like to capitalize on this burgeoning industry and looks forward to the potential to make a transformative medical marijuana acquisition during 2017.


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